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What Patients Are Saying

Really amazing acupuncture session with Saima today! My energy is flowing like crazy good!
- M.A.C.

Much love for an amazingly restorative acupuncture session!
- T.R.

Today was about me. Taking me time to get my body, mind back. Had the weirdest experience ever, acupuncture. Thank you, Saima Bhatti, for just letting me be. Giving me a safe space to release and let go. The most memorable moment was when she said "I will have emotions come over me, like wanting to punch someone, crying or laughing, and at that moment, the tears finally flowed like a volcano, for no reason, followed by laughing since I didn't know why I was crying. So interesting to feel the points that I felt and how they are all connected. You, Saima. are a gift from God. Thank you, beautiful, for everything!
- P.W.

Thank you for your healing Saima Bhatti!!! No more shoulder pain and increased range of motion. Plus, it was just so good to be in your presence!
- A.W.

Waiting for acupuncture with Saima Bhatti!!! She's the best. If you want a shift in your hormones, have pain or just want a great relaxation experience, come see Saima.
- C.R.

Just experienced Zen for the first time in my life. Thank you so much to Saima Bhatti for giving me my first acupuncture experience. She is an amazing human being. I am un-mess-able with right now! I will be coming back!
- J.L.

Since Sunday night I've barely been able to swallow water because my throat is so swollen and infected. After 20 minutes with a few magical needles, in my thumb of all places, I can now swallow! The beautiful Saima is a veritable miracle worker. Thank you for squeezing me in today, lady!

Just tried acupuncture for the first time. I'm in shock at how amazing this is!!!!
Dr. Saima Bhatti is not just amazing at what she does, but a great person as well. I can't BELIEVE how relaxed I feel.

Happy to be your pin cushion. Thanks for the balance and energy, Saima Bhatti!

.Thanking amazing acupuncturist Saima Bhatti - I feel like dancing while earlier had discomfort, pain and numbness.

I hit my head in my car yesterday. Left a nice bump and caused a headache (one of a few I ever get) to grow throughout the day yesterday and when I woke up with it when I opened I didn't think much of it. But it got worse as the day progressed. By 3:00pm it was really bad and there was no sign of relief. Until I went to see Dr. Saima Bhatti. A few pricks and prods (& perhaps a few profanities from the patient) it's practically gone and I can function and be my self!
- L.S.

I just had my first acupuncture treatment. We did something with my liver and I am already breathing deeper and easier... so cool! Did you know that there are 28 different pulse qualities? These Dr.'s can be so nosy and we don't even have a clue!! THANK YOU Saima Bhatti
- A.S.

Woke up with a migraine Monday morning and it's been hanging around. Thank you to Saima Bhatti and her amazing acupuncture skills for curing me today! She is amazing and fixes me every time!

I got a paintball bruise almost two months ago and it never healed. My sister and friend, Saima Bhatti, is an amazing acupuncturist and healer. She performed "surround the dragon" on me. Within 2 hours... no joke ... almost completely healed!!!

Saima - thank you for the skill and caring acupuncture. I haven't felt this good in weeks. So grateful - see you soon.
- L.T.

Today I am expressing gratitude to my acupuncture physician, Saima Bhatti. You have a sincerely beautiful soul!

Isn't it time that the Western world catches up with the Eastern in regards to health and wellbeing? Stop settling for only treating the symptoms and start healing the direct causes/issues!

Thank you Saima Bhatti for a wonderful treatment. Much needed!

Thanks for the great acupuncture & listening!

Do you have pain you keep tolerating? Are you drained emotionally? Are you on the verge of getting sick? Dr. Saima Bhatti is available to help. If you would like some help, she would like to provide it!